Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to us, the competition organiser, AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited of Hong Kong, and our websites ("us","we" or "our" as the context requires).

Personal Information

You, the contestant ("you" or "your" as the context requires) agree that we may validate your phone number through an electronic process called 'pinging'. The purpose for this process is only to ensure that the phone number that is registered is a real phone number for entry into the prize draw and for direct marketing purposes as permitted by the Privacy Act. Information that is defined as "personal information" pursuant to the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (“POPI”) will be collected, used, disclosed, held and managed in accordance with POPI. This personal information includes:


We use and/or disclose your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing as permitted by law.
We will not use your personal information for direct marketing unless:

a) b) The personal information we collect also enables us to optimise our service to you by:

We also conduct internal surveys, analyse and compile in reports, and collect information in an aggregated form ("aggregated information"). This aggregated information does not identify you. We use the aggregated information to design the offers of our select partners and competition prize sponsors as effectively as possible.


Except as described in this privacy policy and allowed by law, we keep your personal information confidential and we do not disclose your personal information for identification purposes or convey it to third parties without your consent.
You may request us not to disclose your personal information to another organisation if the purpose is to facilitate direct marketing.
We will stop disclosing your personal information to another organisation for the purpose of direct marketing within a reasonable time after You request us to stop.
If you ask us the source of our information we will notify you the identity of this source within a reasonable period unless it is impracticable and unreasonable to do so.
Please note that legislation may oblige us to release your personal information in certain limited circumstances.
Our employees have access to only the information they require for their work.
If you win our contest, it is a condition of entry, set out in our Terms and Conditions that you give us your permission to publish your first name, place of origin and a photograph of you on one of our internet pages, provided that you may object to the use of your image if the competition is qualifies as a promotional competition in terms of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008. We may transfer, sell or assign the aggregated information to any entity to which we divest all or a portion of our business, or to such of our clients as we deem appropriate.

Access, Complaints, Correction and Deletion of personal information

We will take reasonable steps to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date.
You can access your personal information or make a complaint or request that:

Please send us an email, at, or write to AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited, Unit 706, 7/F South Seas Ctr, Tower 2, 75 Mody Road, TST KLN, Hong Kong. We will respond within a reasonable time period. We will provide you with written notice if we refuse to correct your personal information. We will take such steps that are reasonable in the circumstance to protect personal information from misuse interference and loss.
If we no longer need your personal information, and it is not otherwise required by law, we will take reasonable steps to destroy the information and de-identify it.


We hold all personal information that you submit to us in accordance with applicable legislation. Your personal information is held and stored in a databank server, which is located in Germany and owned by our parent company. You agree that the contest organiser may transfer your personal information out of South Africa in which your personal information will be provided a standard of protection comparable to that found in privacy laws and regulations of South Africa. Our parent company meets all current standards corresponding to protecting the privacy of your personal information and we take reasonable steps to ensure our parent company complies with applicable legislation as if the server is located in South Africa.
We do not assume responsibility for the publication of the information due to errors during transmission or due to unauthorised access by third parties.
You should be aware that information which you voluntarily reveal over the internet, for example, in discussion forums, via e-mail or in chat rooms can be used by others. We do not monitor the actions of our visitors and registered users. If you reveal personal information, you do so at your own risk and understand that this information can be collected and used by others. Whether you receive unwanted messages or not is up to you because you alone are responsible for the concealment of your e-mail address.

Other information

This privacy policy is available to you at all times. It may be altered from time to time. Should you require further information, or should you have any objections or questions, please e-mail us at, or write to AP Marketing Asia Pacific Limited, Unit 706, 7/F South Seas Ctr, Tower 2, 75 Mody Road, TST KLN, Hong Kong.